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Oriole Landscaping Ltd is very excited to announce that The Cultivated Garden in Toronto Ontario is joining our family. TCG is an award-winning premier horticulture service company, with a proven team of outstanding professionals. TCG will continue to provide exceptional garden care for Toronto’s finest properties. We believe TCG will enhance the ability for Oriole to service their growing client base and Oriole will expand the landscape services available to TCG clients.

Barb Rosensweig founded TCG in 2001 and has consistently wowed the landscape sector with many awards including the National award for best residential maintenance 3 times, 2011, 2020 and 2022!!! And best commercial maintenance in 2013!

Strong leadership, positive culture, shared values and a commitment to excellence will set us apart and turn more customers into raving fans.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Oriole's Streamlined Landscaping Process

Creating the perfect outdoor living space involves many elements, and Oriole has the expertise to make it a seamless and rewarding experience for you. Our dedicated team of professionals, including friendly designers, courteous crews, and thorough management, work together to ensure every part of the process runs smoothly. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we take care of every detail to provide you with an exceptional outdoor living space that meets your needs and exceeds.

The image features a beautifully landscaped residential property with a manicured lawn, lush trees, and neatly trimmed hedges. In the foreground, there is a stone walkway leading up to the entrance of the house. The color scheme is predominantly green, with pops of yellow and red from the flowers in the garden beds. The scene exudes a peaceful and serene ambiance, with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Property Maintenance Services: Total Care for a Beautiful, Functional Property

At Oriole, we offer total care for your property, with a range of services designed to enhance its beauty and value. From lawn maintenance to landscape design, our team of experts can take care of every aspect of your property, ensuring it looks its best year-round. Trust us to provide the comprehensive care your property deserves. Contact us today to learn more.

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We all seek solace and care in our fast-paced, digitally-driven lives amidst economic uncertainties and social challenges. Plants offer more than just an aesthetic boost to our living and working spaces; they're directly linked to our well-being, significantly reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing our health. Beyond the immediate joy of shade, a tree provides on a sunny day, plants play a crucial role in economic savings through energy conservation, contributing to lower utility bills and enhanced property values. Urban green spaces are vital for counteracting heat islands, making our cities cooler and more bearable in summer. You might not have realized it, but the presence of plants likely influenced your choice of community and helped increase the value of your home at sale time. The draw of landscaped areas extends to the stores we prefer and the places we choose for family outings. Plants are indispensable allies in creating sustainable urban ecosystems. They invite essential pollinators, mitigate heat, and act as natural water management systems, preventing flash flooding by absorbing excess rainfall. The Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) is on a mission with "Plants Love You" to embed plants as key pillars of a thriving, sustainable future. We aim to foster a deeper appreciation and proactive engagement in greening our spaces by highlighting their invaluable contributions. We invite you to join this green revolution. Share your stories and support for urban greening with #PlantsLoveYou, and let's cultivate healthier, more vibrant communities together! .

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The most beautiful and luxurious landscapes all start with a vision… see how these homeowners transformed their dreams into outdoor spaces that are way beyond ordinary.

North York

Old-World Charm

An exposed backyard becomes an elegant and private oasis.
North York

Modern Sophistication

An award-winning front and backyard renovation that's now up for a national award of excellence for residential landscape construction.


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George and his team can be trusted to leave your home looking beautiful and the landscaping elements built to last. We had them do all of the landscaping on our new build, including the grading, window wells, running pool plumbing and electrical conduits, patio stone, and pool coping. Beautiful work and methodically done from the base layers up. Great railroad-tie beams for the window wells. They ran additional weeping tile below all of them to make sure stormwater would drain in a worst-case scenario. Great stuff!
- John & Elizabeth

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For over three decades, Oriole Landscaping has established themselves as the firm of choice for sophisticated Toronto homeowners. By challenging the status quo in design and pushing the limits of engineering we promise you an abundant outdoor living experience that’s way beyond ordinary.

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Based in Toronto, Oriole Landscaping serves Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Moore Park, Rosedale, Bridle Path, Leaside and the surrounding areas.


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