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property maintenances

Property Maintenance

From the elaborate to the inspirational, our work is never ordinary.

Our garden maintenance service is no different. Like our landscape design service, it’s founded on expertise and dedication. It has to be, because that’s what truly sets apart the stunning properties from the mediocre, year in year out. Our clients look to us for horticultural excellence and it’s our mission to deliver.

Talk to us about setting up a maintenance service package to take care of the full range of seasonal needs for your property. From preparing your landscape for the growing season in the spring to putting it to bed for the winter, we cover an extensive range of services:


  • Pruning of trees, plants, and shrubs to remove dead or damaged materials
  • Removal of leaves, branches and accumulated debris from lawn and bed areas in order to prepare beds for regular maintenance
  • All winterized trees and shrubs will be un-tied and/or un-burlapped
  • Clippings will be blown off patios, curbs, walkways and parking areas


  • Planting Bed Preparation
  • Basic Shearing/Shaping of Shrubs/Hedges
  • Basic Pruning (removal of dead wood, broken or interfering branches) up to a height of 10ft
  • Loosening of guy wires on trees
  • Cultivation and edging of all beds from April 15th to November 1st
  • Grass cutting (clippings to remain on grass)
  • String trimming
  • Litter pick up
  • Sweeping/blowing of patios, curbs and walkways
  • Review and adjustment of Irrigation Systems
  • Fertilizer application
  • Weed control on hard surfaces as required
  • Monitoring for insects and disease


  • Fertilizer
  • Cut back perennials, remove and dispose of annuals, cultivate beds, general site cleanup, raking/removal of leaves and debris
  • Grass cutting - as required
  • Weed control on hard-surfaces as required
  • Winter preparation for plantings; tie and burlap as required

When you so purposefully create your outdoor space you want a company with that same vision to ensure it keeps looking stunning, throughout the growing season.