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North York

Old-World Charm

An exposed backyard becomes an elegant and private oasis.

A need for privacy.

Avid golfers, these homeowners loved being adjacent to their beloved club — but they needed a private space where they could entertain friends and family. They were looking for a woodsy feel that was in harmony with their custom home's architecture.

Starting from scratch.

Rather than wait decades for nursery stock to grow to maturity, Oriole sourced and planted a number of fully-grown, large specimen pine trees to provide instant privacy from the adjacent golf course.

Custom stone and brick.

Together with the client, we decided to use house brick for pathways and other hard surfaces. It had to be sealed multiple times to keep the bricks from “exploding” in the harsh Canadian winters. The red brick paths are reminiscent of the cobblestone streets of Europe, providing old-world charm.

A private place to dine and entertain.

With the privacy issue resolved, the homeowners can enjoy every inch of their gorgeous property, including an outdoor kitchen, dining area and low-maintenance garden. There’s even space set aside for their beloved dogs!

Key Design Features

Custom space for private gatherings.

Key Design Feature

Mature pine trees provide instant privacy. A variety of shrubs were also incorporated into the design to create a beautiful garden that's easy to maintain.

Key Design Feature

Oriole worked directly with the builder to create custom masonry for the lounging areas in the back, including red brick and Algonquin stone finishes.

Key Design Feature

A heated drive and front porch make winter safer and easier — snow won’t pile up and there’s no need to shovel in the winter.

Key Design Feature

A custom, brick kitchen and dining area make entertaining al fresco a pleasure — a beautiful combination of form and function.

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